Save The Children UK: What If Britain was like Syria

In this tragic a “second-a-day” video by Save The Children and Don’t Panic London, a ordinary young girl’s life gets turned upside-down over a period of a year.

The story format really depicts what war does to children and convincingly shows that Save the Children’s efforts in Syria should be important even to people whose lives have not been overturned by war.

As written on the website, war may not be happening in UK but in Syria the horror portrayed in the video is all too real. Three years of civil war has devastated the live of an entire generation of children.

Barclays: Thank You - #YouAreFootball Campaign for the Premier League 13/14 Season

Since pretty much everyone already have seen the new Nike “Possibilities” commercial in honor of the 25th birthday of the Just Do It slogan and sports mentality - which is absolutely a Top 5 favorite this year - I want to share this new commercial from Barclays and the creative agency BBH.

The production is of course not in the same league or budget as Nike, but I’m still impressed with the execution, emotional feel and like the #YouAreFootball communication strategy.

The ad, which aired first time on TV and online ahead of the first game of the new season, is part of a new campaign thanking supporters for their unwavering devotion through triumph and tragedy - all connected with among others the #YouAreFootball hashtag.

Adidas - Chelsea FC: It’s Blue. What else matters?

My heart belongs to another club in England, but this new campaign from Adidas and Chelsea F.C. is just outstanding and nails it regarding the club spirit with the focus on nothing but the blue color - “Prove your passion for the blues”.

They made a video where they poured all star players with blue paint and the result is an impressive commercial featuring players such as John Terry, David Luiz, Fernando Torres and Juan Mata.

PS: Only downside might be the association to Avatar :-)