Facebook 1914 - Museum of the Great War & DDB, Paris - Turning History Into An Interesting Human Story

To promote the Museum of the Great War DDB, Paris created a very special brand page on Facebook - actually a personal looking page with the profile of Leon Vivien with the idea to imagine what French people would have posted on facebook if it had existed in 1914.

Through Facebook the story of Leon is cleverly made much more interesting, relevant and tangible for the younger audiences with hundreds of posts and comments, plus dozens of documents and objects from the museum collection.

Over time the story was told with twists and turns and developed like a serie - A human story unfolded in a way the target group could relate to and thus eventually created the desire to further experience and explore first hand at the museum.

The Guardian: Three Little Pigs - The Whole Picture

This hilarious new ad for the Guardian’s open journalism, screened for the first time on 29 February 2012, imagines how the paper would cover the story of Three Little Pigs from the paper’s front page headline, to web coverage with footage from the scene, to social media discussions and even outcry on Twitter.

The ad creatively follows the developing story of the pigs’ arrest for killing the Big Bad Wolf, shows a simulation of the Big Bad Wolf blowing the houses down, and finally twists the ending of the age-old fairy tale.

Apparently, it is the first major television campaign for the Guardian in over twenty-five years and the process of creating and writing the paper has certainly changed since. The change in the media landscape and people’s abilty to share and show opinions world wide in real time is exactly why the Guardian found it necessary to promote the paper’s concept of “open journalism,” - The paper wants to communicate that the organization and employees have adapted and the approach to journalism has been advanced accordingly to the evolution.

I’m quite amazed by the result and would like to also give credit to the agency BBH, London. The creative idea, the storyline and the execution are all profound.