Ray-Ban: Polarized Color Lenses - #NoFilterJustRayBan

I have said and written it before - I love simplicity and of course intelligent originality. With this tram ambient campaign by Ray-Ban, Belgium both are at play - that and target group insight.

I would definitely take pictures and share them on Instagram - probably even every day to and from work through different windows.

Barclays: Thank You - #YouAreFootball Campaign for the Premier League 13/14 Season

Since pretty much everyone already have seen the new Nike “Possibilities” commercial in honor of the 25th birthday of the Just Do It slogan and sports mentality - which is absolutely a Top 5 favorite this year - I want to share this new commercial from Barclays and the creative agency BBH.

The production is of course not in the same league or budget as Nike, but I’m still impressed with the execution, emotional feel and like the #YouAreFootball communication strategy.

The ad, which aired first time on TV and online ahead of the first game of the new season, is part of a new campaign thanking supporters for their unwavering devotion through triumph and tragedy - all connected with among others the #YouAreFootball hashtag.

Breaking Bad & Betting Bad: The Future of TV Promotion and Engagement - Get Ready to Play

AMC is ready to air the final season of the popular series Breaking Bad on August the 11 and 7 hardcore fans just launched a free outstanding promotion.

The site Betting Bad is 100 % made by the fans and not endorsed officially by the network in anyway! It lets you make bets on what transpires in the final season and also compare predictions to other people. Scenarios range from “You’ll see Walt Jr. eat breakfast,” and you’ll hear Jesse utter his trademark, “bitch” to more shocking possibilities such as Hank murdering Walt.

The video below explain it much more in detail and will make you aware how crazy it is that the networks don’t invest more in these brilliant engaging games themselves. The buzz is exploding on Adweek, Adage etc. and the viewers and fans just got so much more reason to converse online during the entire season.

Thumbs Up to team! - Bet you guys will hear from a network or two the upcoming days!