Pinterest: Say Hello to Messages on Pinterest - New Messaging Feature is Promoted in New Campaign

I have been using Pinterest for quite some time now to find and share inspiration, and I will probably begin to use it even more now as conversations has been made easier and direct with a new massaging feature.

Pinterest, of course do aim to enhance the time spend on the platform, and has launched an online advertising campaign named “Say Hello to Messages”, to promote the new direct messaging system.

The commercial blend together three narratives across the globe to demonstrate the creative applications of Pinterest messaging, displaying simple domestic tasks such a cooking to collaborating on complex technological developments and planning the next voyage.

The film has been produced by the company Strike Anywhere Films, which also made Facebook’s 10 year anniversary ad, both created with Michael Gioulakis as director of photography.

To get more information about the messaging system check out

The Virtual Fence Project: How Social and Virtually Pins Can Save Our Forests

I just happen to stumble upon the following case, which is most likely one of many entries to this year’s Cannes Lions and other upcoming ad awards.

No matter what, it should defintely be shared and get acknowledge for the creative use of social and tapping into the “new” social behaviour of sharing ones location.

In the past 30 years, Thailand had lost more than a quarter of forest area. Protected forests are trespassed and turned into resorts, farms, and golf courses because the boundaries between “legal” and “illegal” are not clearly defined and corrupt practices are not prevented.

Since Thai tourists as every one else nowadays always check-in and share their location on their social network from their smartphones, the digital agency CJ Worx created “The virtual Fence Project”, and utilized social media to virtually pin point borderlines and thus reclaim forest territories.

Suddenly, with som creative thinking, Foursquare became the vehicle to raise awareness and get people involved in forest conservation - all with just a simple tap of a “check-in” button.

Unfortunately, the level of engagement, reach, effect on awareness etc. are not presented in this case, but the idea in itself is stil worth spreading.

GoPro: Hero3+ Camera - Capture and Share Your Adventures

I love to travel and stay in shape by running some miles - and especially love when the two things is combined during a stay in new cities or at unknown locations. However no one would call me an adventurer and I’m definitely no adrenalin junkie - which I’m always reconsidering and very much wondering about, when I see a film like the one from GoPro.

The new film is shot 100% on the new camera from GoPro and I get nothing but if not extremely envious about the experiences captured in films like these.

It’s not original, but I’m certain it works its magic, when you have scenes like the ones your about to see - particularly within the actual active target group… Meanwhile… I’m soo close to signing up to a parachute jump or getting a diving certificate - and one day when I do, I’m going to film everything with a camera such as the Hero 3+..