Duracell - Toronto: Moments of Warmth

I absolutely love the utilization of context and two-sided thought of warmth in this outdoor idea from Duracell and the creative agency Cossette in Toronto.

To create a easily accessible space for moments of warmth during the cold winters in Canada, Duracell build these unique bus stop shelters.

The shelters were outfitted with heaters that provided warmth in the coldest of places, and the only thing needed was teamwork by the awaiting passengers.

To increase the brand relevance the shelters was moreover created like a actual battery in which the positive and negative connections needed to be completed in a circuit.

The team work needed was to join hands and touch each end of the bus shelter, thus the circuit became complete and heat was generated.

P&G: Thank You Mom Campaign Returns During Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

Back in 2012 P&G made a great campaign during the Olympics in London with an alternative focus on all the great moms standing faithfully among the spectators and not least behind every athlete - regardless success or failure.

With the Winter Games getting close, P&G and W+K Portland have launched a new great emotional ad “PICK THEM BACK UP” and is thus ready to honor moms once again..

Just as in 2012, I love the link between the sponsorship and target group and find the execution outstanding. In other words, I’m convinced P&G wins lots of goodwill among moms with this communication…

Facebook 1914 - Museum of the Great War & DDB, Paris - Turning History Into An Interesting Human Story

To promote the Museum of the Great War DDB, Paris created a very special brand page on Facebook - actually a personal looking page with the profile of Leon Vivien with the idea to imagine what French people would have posted on facebook if it had existed in 1914.

Through Facebook the story of Leon is cleverly made much more interesting, relevant and tangible for the younger audiences with hundreds of posts and comments, plus dozens of documents and objects from the museum collection.

Over time the story was told with twists and turns and developed like a serie - A human story unfolded in a way the target group could relate to and thus eventually created the desire to further experience and explore first hand at the museum.