Guinness: Made of Black - New Unusual & Energetic Campaign Targeting African Markets

AMV BBDO and Guinness Africa has released a commercial that builds on the brand’s “Made of More” tagline, called “Made of Black” for the Pan African market targeting youth audiences.

The ad is over two minutes long and features a wide range of African performers and artists to the cool soundtrack of Kanye West’s Black Skinhead.

The ‘Made of Black’ tagline aims to assert Guinness’ uniqueness as a black beer and is also clearly seeking to tie the beer into certain aspects of black culture.

Together with the very unusually Guinness ad you’ll find the following text and statement:

Black is not a colour. Black is an attitude. It’s a mindset, it’s a way of life. Black represents the best of Africa. It features real people with real talent from Lagos, Accra and Cape Town to Nairobi, Gaborone and Johannesburg. People who are Made of Black are people who are Made of More.

The spot launched last week on MTV Base, as part of a four-hour takeover by Guinness on the channel, which featured guest appearances by musicians including Fuse ODG and Phyno.

The very untypical brand communication is possible and chosen since the brand’s Irish heritage is not as well-established in Africa and the brand can therefore freely build its brand identity in the African market on different terms.

Even though some of the lines seems pretty cliché and the style and font almost associates to something from Nike, the ad is very refreshing and full of energy.

Guinness and BBDO New York: The QR Cup - Perfect Timing

In the endless work to create talk and attention to the Guinness brand, BBDO New York created a very clever point-of-sale campaign with this QR code cup.

As illustrated, the QR code was designed to only work if the cup was full of Guinness, a lager or pilsner just wouldn’t do and show the QR. However, with Guinness you were able to scan the code and create activation. Drinkers could use the QR code to download exclusive content or broadcast social media messages via their cup.

Thanks to the utilization of the distinctive color of the beer, the campaign literally tied with the product and even consumption situation because you had to order the dark beer in order to participate. Order, engage, enjoy and share - now that’s great thinking..