Levi’s: The Live in Levi’s Project - A New Digital Brand Campaign Celebrating Real-Life Hipsters from Around the World

Last week, the Levi’s brand launched the ‘Live in Levi’s Project’ as part of its multifaceted global brand campaign “Live in Levi’s. The Project’ is a digital platform that serves to engage and activate the expansive global community of Levi’s wearers and fans around their shared experiences.

The project is created in partnership with the creative agency, AKQA, and the ‘Live in Levi’s Project’ serves as a living showcase of the billions of Levi’s® around the world and their iconic stories – collected, documented and shared across digital channels.

The platform launched with an interactive video experience, filmed in New York, London, Paris, Tokyo and Shanghai in collaboration with editorial and production company, Monster Children. Throughout the film viewers can explore each individual story at any point in the film, accessing content that includes videos, photo galleries, product information and links to shop and thus easily click-to-buy the looks.

The film features Levi wearers from all over the world, including bikers, barbers, dancers, artists, and even rockstars, in the form of Alexis Krauss, singer with American noise-pop duo Sleigh Bells. The project also invites fans to contribute their own real-life Levi’s moments by using the hashtag #LiveInLevis across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Weibo. The submissions will then be matched with a specific Levi product and uploaded to the site with their very own link to shop and thereby the fans cleverly, and genuinely get directly involved in the process of building the site and even increase the amount of content that generates traffic to the web shop.

The interactive video experience reminds me of “The Liberation” campaign from Only, Bestseller and Uncle Grey, Copenhagen which also won lots of awards back in 2012.

See the Levi’s film below or visit the Live in Levi’s site to get the full experience.

Breaking Bad & Betting Bad: The Future of TV Promotion and Engagement - Get Ready to Play

AMC is ready to air the final season of the popular series Breaking Bad on August the 11 and 7 hardcore fans just launched a free outstanding promotion.

The site Betting Bad is 100 % made by the fans and not endorsed officially by the network in anyway! It lets you make bets on what transpires in the final season and also compare predictions to other people. Scenarios range from “You’ll see Walt Jr. eat breakfast,” and you’ll hear Jesse utter his trademark, “bitch” to more shocking possibilities such as Hank murdering Walt.

The video below explain it much more in detail and will make you aware how crazy it is that the networks don’t invest more in these brilliant engaging games themselves. The buzz is exploding on Adweek, Adage etc. and the viewers and fans just got so much more reason to converse online during the entire season.

Thumbs Up to team! - Bet you guys will hear from a network or two the upcoming days!

AXE Belgium: Integrated Campaign Case Study - Using Shazam as The Connector


Axe is known for its innovation and creativity within advertising, and I have shared several campaigns about the bold brand before.

This time Axe and Mindshare, Belgium have focused on online and television, two media extremely powerful on the target, but above all two very complementary media.

To connect the two media as simple and engaging as possible, Shazam was chosen as the application to cleverly bring more life to the TVC spot and create excitement into the campaign.

The idea might not be as revolutionary as stated in this case, but it would be great to see much more integrated campaigns with valuable and entertaining content. It’s time to move beyond the TVCs with nothing more than just a Facebook url or Twitter Hashtag.