Hellmann’s mayonnaise: Recipe Receipt - Relevance and Timing

This case from Hellmann’s and Ogilvy isn’t brand new, yet worth sharing as it is an interesting approach to point of sales promotion of a commodity such as mayonnaise. It is all about relevance and showing of new consumption possibilities and the timing to do so is spot on.

The printed cash receipt in the supermarket comes with an recipe using different just bought products with the adding of Hellmann’s and becomes extremely personally directed and relevant.

Guinness and BBDO New York: The QR Cup - Perfect Timing

In the endless work to create talk and attention to the Guinness brand, BBDO New York created a very clever point-of-sale campaign with this QR code cup.

As illustrated, the QR code was designed to only work if the cup was full of Guinness, a lager or pilsner just wouldn’t do and show the QR. However, with Guinness you were able to scan the code and create activation. Drinkers could use the QR code to download exclusive content or broadcast social media messages via their cup.

Thanks to the utilization of the distinctive color of the beer, the campaign literally tied with the product and even consumption situation because you had to order the dark beer in order to participate. Order, engage, enjoy and share - now that’s great thinking..