Citizen: Chasing Horizons - An Endeavor Around the World to Capture 24 Sunsets in 24 Time Zones

Wherever you are on earth, at the click of a button Eco-Drive Satellite Wave F100 adjusts to your current time zone in just 3 seconds.To demonstrate this unique feature, Citizen challenged photographer Simon Roberts to chase the sun across the Earth’s time zones.

The campaign “Chasing Horizons” is the first ever global campaign by Citizen, who collaborated with Tokyo and Amsterdam offices of Wieden & Kennedy to complete what they’re calling “an ambitious experiment to chase the horizon and endeavor to live in the same hour for as long as humanly possible.”

The journey have resulted in a beautiful film that chronicles the stunt and tells the story about people fooling time and stealing one night from the planet. Simon Roberts and former NATO pilot Jonathan Nicol started off in Reykjavik, flying against the Earth’s rotation to witness (and photograph) the setting sun 24 times in a row — at the same time in 24 different time zones.

See the stunning film below and visit to find more information about the watch.

Mizuno Sportswear: UpHill Marathon in Brazil - Where Athletes Become #Ninjarunners

F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi and YourMama Films, Brazil has created a beautiful and evocative monochrome film for Mizuno (a Japanese sports equipment and sportswear company) to promote the UpHill Marathon in Brazil, one of the most dramatic races in the country.

The marathon will take place on October 19 with the participation of only 300 athletes. They will run 42 km uphill through the spectacular landscape of Serra do Rio Rastro (Santa Catarina) in the south of the country.

The campaign also includes outdoor and digital media. All parts convey the concept “#ninjarunners" and challenge athletes to push their limits in a mythical ritual in the form of marathon. This extreme endurance race transforms high-level athletes into something bigger: Ninjas…

Campbell’s Chunky: Copter Caper! featuring Richard Sherman and His Mama

I’m close to speechless after viewing the latest ad from the famous soup company, Campbell’s. The ad, which launched monday, is created by Y&R, New York and features Seattle Seahawks’ cornerback Richard Sherman and his mother, Beverly.

Alongside the Shermans, Campbell’s have chosen to shoot the ad with some of Seattle’s biggest fans instead of actors, all referred to in the commercial as the “Legion of Superfans”.

One of the superfans, who dangles from the helicopter alongside Sherman, is Tim Froemke, otherwise known as the shirtless, painted “Seahulk,” who attends just about every Seahawks game.

Campbell’s “Mama’s Boy” campaign first ran in 1997, starring Green Bay defensive end Reggie White and Sherman is now the 19th player and first cornerback to star in the campaign, and joins Matt Hasselbeck as the only other Seahawks player to be featured in the ads.

I truely acknowledge the tradition of “Mama’s Boy” and the continual decision to use NFL players as spokespersons and even appreciate the integration of real fans, I’m just not impressed by the execution. Campbell’s call it mamamazing, but I have to say I disagree…