Virgin Mobile: BlinkWashed - Great Online Content Tactic to Maintain Attention

Virgin Mobile and Mother, New York have come up with a fun and simple tactic to keep attention to their online content and not least their messages concerning all the benefits when choosing Virgin Mobile.

Virgin Mobile uses your webcam to track your eye movement on its YouTube channel giving the viewer full control by changing the ad whenever you blink.

The best part is, all the videos are time-coded and “smart cached,” so that when you blink, the next video’s dialogue picks up where the previous one left off. As a result you won’t miss the message even though you miss some of the 25 different pieces of content.

You should definitely give it a go on Virgin Mobile’s Youtube channel:

Sport Club Recife & Ogilvy: Immortal Fans - Brand Activation with Life-Saving Effect

One of my favorite winners from this year’s Cannes Lions is “Immortal Fans” created by Ogilvy in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Sport Club Recife has some of the most passionate fans in Brazil and Ogilvy strategy was to create a new kind of fan: the Immortal Fans. Their hearts, eyes, lungs… could keep cheering for Sport Club Recife even after death!

In partnership with Recife Transplant Center, Ogilvy created the first Organ Donor Card for a football team. The idea keeps the passion of the fans alive through the lives of others and created a remarkable increase in the amounts of sign ups as donor - a sign up that saves life.

Budweiser: The Buddy Cup - Making Toasting High-Tech and Instantly Social

The Buddy Cup, unveiled last week by the company’s Brazilian division, contains a innovative high-tech chip technology integrated with Facebook that makes two people friends on Facebook, when they clink their glasses together in a toast. The cup is paired with a Facebook account by using a QR code printed on the bottom, and a red LED serves as confirmation that you have a new friend.

The cups will supposedly be used at sponsored Budweiser events such as festivals, concerts etc. and are created by Agencia Africa to enhance brand activation and increase the interaction between Budweiser consumers.