Coke & Ogilvy: Outdoor Grand Prix Winner with COKEHANDS

I’m one of the poor youngsters, how only get to experience the Cannes Lions through the website, twitter etc. and can only dream about the sunny weather, cold drinks, tons of networking and inspiration - maybe next year…

Until now many of the Grand Prix, Gold and Silver winners have been work already commented and highly shared on different sites and blogs including here on this blog. However, I would like to share this simple outdoor campaign from Ogilvy, Shanghai.

As earlier revealed I’m a big fan of simplicity and KISS thinking and also love the fact that one of the strongest brands can use only small fractions and twists of the logo and still be recognized instantly!

The above outdoor campaign #COKEHAND just won a Grand Prix, while the one below #SMILEY from McCANN ERICKSON, Frankfurt, remains unmentioned and is only to be found among the entries? In my opinion they are both great and with “Open Happiness” in-mind both cleverly aligned with the overall branding strategy.

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