ONLY because we can - An Interactive Movie and Catalogue

Unfortunately, It doesn’t happen very often, but today I’m going to share a new case from a danish brand and agency! Yeah :-)

Uncle Grey, Copenhagen and jeans brand Only from Bestseller have made a cool interactive movie/music video “The Liberation”, which is entirely shoppable from beginning to end.

I’m very impressed with the execution, overall brand experience and love that you truely can stop the film at anytime to look closer at the different outfits. However, one little detail is bugging me. When you want to Pin something, it can only grab the screen shot from the movie and not the piece of clothes you are checking out.

I have become quite amused with Pinterest, especially to get inspiration about fashion and different outfits, and I don’t seem to be the only one. Therefore, Only should have made it much more easy to Pin the pictures from the catalogue or webshop instead of the movie… But hey, it’s just a detail and it’s always easy to point out small flaws afterwards.

After watching the case beneath, I recommend you to check out the website and experience the Only adventure.

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