Toyota IQ Street View - Completing Google’s Work

The market for small cars is evolving faster than ever and now Toyota is ready to take part and win shares with the new IQ model.

With the agency Happiness from Brussels in Belgium, Toyoto has come up with one of the most clever Google Maps based promotional campaigns yet.

To help promote the small city car the company are driving the IQ around with a 360 degree panoramic camera rig strapped to the roof to capture Street View images and filling in all the blanks on Google Maps.

The campaign, currently running in Belgium, allows anyone to report a small street that doesn’t have Street View on the Toyota IQ - Street View Google Map. The Toyota IQ then travels to the street, captures the Street View images and adds them to the map.

It’s simply such an brilliant idea - The campaign shows off the car and how easy it is to maneuver around in the city and also adds value by completing the maps of the city.

Check it out below and visit the IQ Street View Website for more information..

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