AXE:Lynx, Know Your Game - Rules to Rugby

As many might know, the World Cup in Rugby (RWC) is currently taking place in New Zealand. What many probably don’t know, is that the tournament is one of the biggest sports events in the world. The 2007 tournament had amazingly a cumulative world television audience of 4.2 billion for the 48 matches, with an average attendance of 47,150 per match, and a total attandance at all matches of 2,263,223!!

Given the size of the RWC lots of advertisers are trying to get some of the attention and be part of the game celebrations around the world. Since Rugby is quite complicated, LYNX have chosen to contribute with the embedded introduction to the game rules.

Yes, it’s seen before about 1,000,001 times, but yes it still works with the target group in mind :)

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