Oct 21

David Beckham Introduces Haig Club to the World - Promoting Single Grain Whisky as The Next Big Thing

Single grain whisky is being predicted by experts as the next trend in whisky and with David Beckham as brand ambassador Haig Club aim to win great shares of the expected growth in the category.

Beckham is adding Haig Club whisky to his already substantial marketing empire, which includes among other things branded fragrances and underwear. Haig Club is his first alcohol brand as his retirement as a professional footballer last year now have made him able to promote such products.

Haig Club officially launched last week with a great fancy party and the release of the global film, ‘Welcome’, which is created by Adam & Eve/DDB, shot by director Guy Ritchie and of course features David Beckham himself.

The film weaves together a series of epic journeys made between a group of friends through the Highlands, as they head towards a Scottish estate for a rendezvous - This is Scotland luxe

Oct 16

UK Lesson 1: Daddy Rocks the Kitchen and Saves the Day with Comfort (&) Food

I have recently moved to London from Copenhagen and is so just starting to learn about the UK market, the national brands and the approach to mass marketing..

I love all the new inspiration and to experience the British culture, which is often very profound in classic TV advertising as they all aim to resonate and build emotional ties with the audiences in less 30-60 seconds.

Last night while zapping through the hundreds of channels during prime time, I saw two very similar ads placed almost back to back in one commercial break and I just want to share with a few thoughts.

The two ads have much in common and both present a very common approach in displaying modern family life.. The first is an ad for Kingsmill’s Great White loaf and the second is Colman’s Shepherd’s pie mix - a brand now owned by Unilever.

Yes, the FMCG category is still going strong on TV - also in the UK, and yes the two ads take place in the kitchen prepping breakfast and dinner… I’m not sure if it is “new” in British adverts, but both have very caring fathers, who seems to feel very much at home in their kitchens - the mums pretty much out of the picture.

Another resemblance in the two ads, is a father’s troubles in knowing how to help teenage daughters with their broken hearts.. As you’ll see one takes the silence approach and serves dinner with no words necessary, while the other is more talkative and hands-on with a little symbolic “get it out of the system” stroke to an egg…

One father believes his daughter needs someone who’s ‘Made of better stuff – someone who’s good for her’, while the other rely on a good hug and the actual serving of pie with the slogan “Meals that say it all.”…

Colman’s Shepherds was created by Adam&Eve DDB London back in February, while Kingsmill’s new ‘Great White’ loaf ad was unaffiliated created and produced in-house by the consultancy Contagious and launched in April.

Both ads display the brands at the heart of their stories and make the brands an everyday hero by incorporating it into the comforting family context and both demonstrate the way we use food to express ourselves, whether it’s to reward, sympathise, support or comfort.

Lesson about UK -> Same Same and not that different…

Oct 13

AirAsia: Discover Hidden Away Places - A Clever Print Ad

AirAsia and Publicis Mojo has created a great print ad for travel magazines and their own in-flight magazine Travel 3Sixty°.

The ad at first looks like two totally blank pages, but in the fold of the magazine you will discover a hidden gem. - A gem to discover with AirAsia.