KPN: Pocket Plus for Your iPhone 6 Plus - Tailored Supersize Pocket Service Prevents Bendgate in the Netherlands

We have all seen the many great responses and funny posts in regard to the latest #Bendgate with KitKat being among the most popular.

However, in the Neterlands the Dutch telecom provider KPN and the creative agency N=5 almost predicted the pocket issue (at least when it comes to size) and therefore they made sure that future iPhone 6 Plus owners would not have trouble carrying their phones in the pocket.

While waiting in line to get their new iPhone, a mobile tailor simply offered to supersize people’s pockets.

Supersized Pockets from N=5 on Vimeo.

New Coca-Cola Life Launched in the UK - But Will Stevia Make Wonders?

The latest addition to the Coca-Cola portfolio – Coca‑Cola Life – is now in shops across UK. It’s the first lower-calorie cola sweetened from natural sources, made with a blend of sugar and stevia leaf extract. It contains a third less sugar and a third fewer calories than regular Coca‑Cola.

Even though this sounds very refreshing, and I like the product design, which will definitely stand out in stores, it seems to be a product right between the current options and if consumers want something natural I believe they will still look outside the cola category.

Coca-Cola is losing sales from both sides as regular drinkers shy away from sugar, and diet drinkers switch from artificially sweetened fare, thus the product launch is very common business sense. However, it doesn’t mean Life is now closing a gap in the market - it will compete with hundreds of options as supermarket shelves are already stocked with an enormous array of stevia leaf-filled, chia-injected, organic drinks - just think of the coconut water trend.

Pepsi actually tried launching a similar drink back in 2008 with Pepsi Raw. Made from Kola nuts, sparkling water, apple extract and cane sugar, the new product was meant to be a more natural Pepsi, but was pulled within two years.

Coca-Cola has begun carefully rolling out Life in the UK by having a pop-up shop in London with model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley visiting this weekend, but bigger marketing investments will definitely be necessary to succeed and thus be exciting to follow in the near future.

Kobold: Sweet Robot Romance Story Promotes Smart Swiss Vacuum Cleaners

You have to love this sweet commercial for Kobold vacuum cleaners created by Saatchi & Saatchi, Düsseldorf, asking if you can fall in love with technology.

The ad is the first since Saatchi & Saatchi won the multi-level international pitch for the Swiss company Vorwerk to promote their high-tech vacuum robots Kobold VR200.

The multi-channel campaign will include TV and online spots, digital content, display ads, social media activation as well as retail marketing strategy, and will roll out across eight key markets: Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic and China and thus be the first international campaign for Kobold VR200 with such a comprehensive span of markets and channels.

The warm and emotional story of robot romance that combines storytelling and product display so brilliantly was produced by the UK production studio Smuggler.