Campbell’s Chunky: Copter Caper! featuring Richard Sherman and His Mama

I’m close to speechless after viewing the latest ad from the famous soup company, Campbell’s. The ad, which launched monday, is created by Y&R, New York and features Seattle Seahawks’ cornerback Richard Sherman and his mother, Beverly.

Alongside the Shermans, Campbell’s have chosen to shoot the ad with some of Seattle’s biggest fans instead of actors, all referred to in the commercial as the “Legion of Superfans”.

One of the superfans, who dangles from the helicopter alongside Sherman, is Tim Froemke, otherwise known as the shirtless, painted “Seahulk,” who attends just about every Seahawks game.

Campbell’s “Mama’s Boy” campaign first ran in 1997, starring Green Bay defensive end Reggie White and Sherman is now the 19th player and first cornerback to star in the campaign, and joins Matt Hasselbeck as the only other Seahawks player to be featured in the ads.

I truely acknowledge the tradition of “Mama’s Boy” and the continual decision to use NFL players as spokespersons and even appreciate the integration of real fans, I’m just not impressed by the execution. Campbell’s call it mamamazing, but I have to say I disagree… Arnold Schwarzenegger Confuses Australia for Austria in New Campaign has launched a new brand campaign named “Australia Lives Here” using Hollywood star and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is famously from Austria, but in this spot for real estate listings company in Australia, he gets the two countries confused, when asking his new assistant Dylan Blocke to help him find a property back in Austria.

The campaign is created by BWM Melbourne, while the media agency Mediacom has been in charge of all media planning including the massive cross media roll-out on the 3th of August.

Whilst Schwarzenegger stars in no less than 7 new humorous ads (4 have been launched so far), there are also a series of video diaries from his Australian assistant Dylan, who runs through the features of the site. Dylan is also very active on Twitter with the hashtag #ausliveshere and you’ll find some fun interactions with - of course Schwarzenegger himself.

The aim of the campaign is to show property seekers that offers much more than property listings and all the different content is produced to present other parts of the site that are helpful for consumers throughout the property cycle.

Using a star and the attempt to tap in to the culture surrounding him to promote a brand rarely works out, but I find this campaign to be really well thought out, and I don’t often come across campaigns that are truely entertaining while delivering relevant brand information across multi media vehicles and platforms.

Two New Ads with Two Extremely Diverse Approaches for “Got Milk?” Campaign

Earlier this year the Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP) decided to end the "Got Milk?" campaign nationally, but it’s still kept alive in California, where it also originated with the California Milk Processor Board.

As milk consumption is still declining, new efforts are now put in to appeal to all consumers in the sunny state regardless of their ethnicity or language and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, which actually created the famous tagline back in 1993, has been appointed to create new work.

Together with Grupo Gallegos, an agency specialised in targeting the Hispanic market, two new commercials are ready to go on air, and they are more than a bit different!

Both ads treats how a child’s future self is determined by the nutritional choices taken throughout one’s life. The first ad below, “Champion” delivers this message in a very humorous way, while the other, named “Brave”, aim to appeal through emotions.